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Hot Wheels TMNT Diorama Detail

Concrete Sample 4' x 4'

Masters of the Universe Conference Room Install

Mary Poppins Doll Set

Hardwood Floor

4' x 4' Acrylic Floor

6' x 6' LDC/Crystal Gel on Shower Curtain

4' x 8'

Barbie Collector Photo Shoot

Distressed Wood

Distressed Wood Part of a set of props. Distressed with chipped paint. Painted Logo.

Hand Painted Sign

11" x 39" Hand painted sign on distressed wood

4' x 7' Pneumatic Spray Gun on Muslin

9' x 9' Painted Muslin

6' x 8' Painted Muslin

Barbie Socia Media Photo Shoot Detail

Painted Boat

Painted Boat Fiberglass boat painted inside and out to look like distressed wood.

Painted Wood Floor Detail

4' x 5' Pneumatic Spray Gun on Muslin

4' x 5' Dry Pigments with Animal Size on Muslin

8'6" x 9' Painted Scrim

Hand Painted Logo

4' x 8' Painted Muslin Flat

4' x 4' Painted Muslin

3-part Stencil 3' x 6' Painted Muslin

5'6" x 8' Painted Muslin

4 x 4' Painted Muslin

18" x 22" Painted on Distressed Wood

4' x 4' Painted Muslin

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